~ How much are they?

Our luxury hood furs are £20 each.

Our extra fluffy hood furs are £25 each. 

Handmuffs are £28 each.

Sheepskin liners are £58.95 each.

(plus postage)

~ How do I know if a hood fur will fit my pram ~

All fur coat no nappies hood furs are made to measure, to fit every make & model of pram.

Pram hoods are individual depending on pram and can vary from a tiny 80cm to a huge 160cm so one size 100% will not fit all prams. we make sure your hood fur fits well and looks fabulous to!

~ What are they made from?

All our hood furs are made from 100% faux fur, which is fire retardant.

Our fur is widely used in the UK toy & clothing industry. 

We have had our hood furs tested as an extra measure as a fully finished product to.

How does the fur attach?

Depending on pram, our hood furs attach with elastic, so will not damage the hood at all. 

~ Who makes the products?

We handmake all of our original design luxury hood furs & matching handmuffs in our workshop.

Our new line of extra fluffy hood furs & matching handmuffs are now factory made, to our specification & design, using our original measurments to.